Collected Works of Distinguished Acousticians

This is a project undertaken since 2006 by the ASA’s Committee on Archives and History to fully document the contributions of some of its most distinguished members. Each of the Collected Works will include an extensive bibliography and as many publications as reasonably can be obtained, along with available oral histories, photos, movies, etc. These collected works, and other multimedia archives produced by ASA are available here.

Currently three projects have been approved by the ASA Executive Council. The project for Dr. Isadore Rudnick is completed. View the project here.  The other projects currently in production are those for Dr. Leo Beranek and Dr. Harvey Fletcher.



Isadore Rudnick

The first in this series of the Collected Works of Distinguished Acousticians is that of Isadore Rudnick (May 8, 1917 – August 22, 1997). This three disc set includes reprints of Rudnick’s papers from scientific journals, a montage of photographs with colleagues and family, and video recordings of the Memorial Session held at the 135th meeting of the ASA. The CD was complied by Julian D. Maynard and Steven L. Garrett of the Pennsylvania State University and may be ordered here.