Oral Histories

This is an ongoing project of the ASA’s Committee on Archives and History to obtain oral histories from individuals who have won ASA awards or who have served in the governance of the Society.  The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and other publications provide part of the history of individuals’ contributions to acoustics.  In addition, these oral histories help fill in the historical gaps giving information usually not normally found in the printed record.

After being recorded, transcribed, and entered into the Niels Bohr library at the American Institute of Physics, these oral histories are available to all.  

Oral History Interviews from Other Sources

Audiology Online
Elliott H. Berger

Computer History Museum
Joseph C.R. Licklider

Discovery of Sound in the Sea
Whitlow W. L. Au
Kelly Benoit-Bird
Darleen Ketten
James H. Miller 

Engineering and Technology Wiki
Leo L. Beranek (1996)
Leo L. Beranek (2005)
Lloyd Espenschied
Sadaoki Furui
Ben Gold
William W. Lang 
Joseph Maxfield
Michael Noll
Murray Sachs
Glen Wade
Irving Wolff

Haskins Oral Histories:
Arthur Abramson, Carol Fowler, Kathy Harris, Michael Studdert-Kennedy, Philip Rubin

Music at MIT Oral History Collection
Leo L. Beranek (2008)
Interview part 1
Interview part 2

University of Minnesota Libraries
Joseph C.R. Licklider

Leo L. Beranek (2011) 

Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History
Philip M. Morse – This is a pdf that can be read online or downloaded

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Centennial Oral History Project
Fred N. Spiess – This is a pdf that can be read online or downloaded

Washington University School of Medicine
Hallowell Davis 

Carleen Hutchins – Video link