Oral Histories

This is an ongoing project of the ASA’s Committee on Archives and History to obtain oral histories from individuals who have won ASA awards or who have served in the governance of the Society.  The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and other publications provide part of the history of individuals’ contributions to acoustics.  In addition, these oral histories help fill in the historical gaps giving information usually not normally found in the printed record.

After being recorded, transcribed, and entered into the Niels Bohr library at the American Institute of Physics, these oral histories are available to all.  

Laurence Batchelder

Leo Beranek

Robert Beyer

Warren Blazier

Mack Breazeale

Walter Cady

Floyd Dunn

Carl Eckart

Tony Embleton

Harvey Fletcher

Robert Frosch

Robert S. Gales

Lewis Goodfriend

Ralph Goodman

Robert Green

Cyril Harris

Katherine Harris

Ira Hirsh

Harvey Hubbard

Frederick Hunt

Karl Ingard

Vern Knudsen

William W. Lang

Bruce Lindsay

David Lubman

Richard Lyon

Daniel Martin

Chester KcKinney

Harry Miller

Walter Munk

Jack Oliver

Frank Press

Isadore Rudnick

Manfred Schroeder

Douglas Shields

Kenneth Stevens

Alice Suter

Louis Sutherland

Ingo Titze

Eric Ungar

Lamar Worzel

Wayne M. Wright

Robert Young

Josef Zwislocki