The Committee on Archives and History


Fredericka Bell-Berti

Charged with determining and developing clost-effective management procedures for the documentation, collection, storage, maintenance, and use of archival and historical collections of the Society, and implementing those procedures as authorized by the Executive Council.

The committee tracks and consolidates the currently scattered archives of various technical committees. In addition, the Committee ensures the preservation and availability of artifacts and documentary materials for review and possible use dureing future anniversary meetings of the Society.


Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894)


Lord Rayleigh (1842-1919)


Katherine Harris (2007 ASA Gold medal recipient)


James West (2006 ASA Gold medal recipient)

Term to 2018
Jont B. Allen
Daniel O. Ludwigsen
Richard J. Peppin
Robert Port
Charles E. Schmid
Derek Thomas

Term to 2017
Leo L. Beranek
Fredericka Bell-Berti
Ann E. Bowles
William J. Cavanaugh
Steven L. Garrett
Joseph R. Gladden
Logan E. Hargrove
Allan D. Pierce
Eric P Wolfram

Term to 2016
Angelo J. Campanella
Jeffrey A. Ketterling
James F. Lynch
Julian D. Maynard